Specialized Services for the Aerospace industry

In the fast-evolving aerospace industry, where security breaches can have monumental consequences, Fortgale stands as a bulwark against Cyber Threats. Our approach to cybersecurity in this sector is multifaceted, encompassing a range of tailored solutions designed to meet the unique challenges and requirements of aerospace companies.

Our specialized services, advanced technologies, and collaborative efforts are all focused on one goal: ensuring that our clients in the aerospace sector can operate with the utmost security and confidence in a digital world fraught with risks.

Comprehensive Cyber Defence Across All Environments

Fortgale has developed an all-encompassing cyber defence service, covering every aspect of the corporate environment. From internal networks to cloud-based systems, our solutions ensure seamless protection across all platforms. This holistic approach is crucial in an industry where integration of ground operations with cloud data and real-time communications is paramount.

Handling Diverse Threats with Advanced Technologies

Our experience in managing a spectrum of cyber incidents — from conventional worms and crypto miners to sophisticated attacks on corporate leaders — has equipped us with the knowledge and tools to anticipate and counteract diverse threats. We employ advanced threat detection approach based on real-time monitoring, Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence activities to ensure that our aerospace clients remains insulated from the ever-evolving cyber threats.

Customized Services for Aerospace Needs

Understanding that each aerospace entity has its unique infrastructure and security requirements, Fortgale offers customized services. We engage closely with our clients to assess their specific needs and vulnerabilities, developing tailored strategies that align with their operational goals. Whether it’s safeguarding sensitive R&D data, securing communication channels, or protecting operational technology on the manufacturing floor, our services are designed to fortify every facet of our clients’ operations.

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Case Studies of Fortgale’s Successful Incident Management

Fortgale has handled a variety of complex Cyber Threats in the Aerospace industry. Three notable cases that demonstrate our expertise and capabilities involve the Raspberry Robin malware, sophisticated phishing campaign targeting C-level executives and.

Raspberry Robin, first noticed in September 2021, is a worm that initially spread through USB drives, later evolving into a more complex malware with links to other malware families and human-operated ransomware activities​​​​.

In another instance, Fortgale effectively countered a sophisticated phishing attack known as EvilProxy, which targeted high-value executives, including vice presidents and C-level personnel, in hundreds of organizations worldwide​​​​.

Fortgale has effectively managed the threat posed by an Italian threat actor known as Nebula Broker, which has been active since the end of 2020, particularly impacting sectors like Transport and Aeronautics​​.