Specialized Services for the Aviation sector

Fortgale takes flight into the realm of aviation cybersecurity, recognizing the critical need for robust digital defenses in the rapidly advancing aerospace industry. This section delves into how Fortgale’s expertise is tailored to safeguarding the intricate digital ecosystems of aviation, ensuring the resilience of our clients against evolving cyber threats.

Aviation Cyber Threat Landscape

In the ever-evolving landscape of aviation cyber threats, we stand as a vigilant guardian. By integrating comprehensive Cyber Threat Intelligence, we provide real-time monitoring and Cyber Threat Analysis, enabling proactive identification and mitigation of potential threats to critical aviation infrastructure, flight systems, and passenger data.

From Network to Cloud Security

For aviation companies, the digital transformation journey from traditional infrastructures to cloud-based systems has broadened the cybersecurity landscape, introducing both opportunities and challenges. Fortgale advocates for a multifaceted approach that aviation companies must adopt to safeguard their operations, from network security to cloud defenses, in an era where cyber threats loom large over the industry.

Customized Services for Aviation Needs

As the aviation landscape continues to evolve with the integration of smart technologies, we offer adaptive cybersecurity services. Our proactive approach, enriched with real-time threat intelligence, empowers aviation companies to navigate the digital skies with confidence. They can be assured that their critical assets are protected against the ever-present cyber threats that pervade the digital realm.

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Case Studies of Fortgale’s Successful Incident Management

Fortgale has handled a variety of complex Cyber Threats in the Aviation sector. Three notable cases that demonstrate our expertise and capabilities involve the Raspberry Robin malware and sophisticated phishing campaign targeting C-level executives.

Handling the Raspberry Robin Malware Incident

Raspberry Robin, first noticed in September 2021, is a worm that initially spread through USB drives, later evolving into a more complex malware with links to other malware families and human-operated ransomware activities​​​​.

Thwarting Sophisticated Phishing Attacks

In another instance, Fortgale effectively countered a sophisticated phishing attack known as EvilProxy, which targeted high-value executives, including vice presidents and C-level personnel, in hundreds of organizations worldwide​​​​.

Nebula Broker Threat in the Aviation sector

Fortgale has effectively managed the threat posed by an Italian threat actor known as Nebula Broker, which has been active since the end of 2020, particularly impacting sectors like Transport and Aeronautics​​.