Specialized Services for Heavy Industry

Fortgale steps into the realm of industrial cybersecurity, recognizing the pivotal role of secure digital operations in modern manufacturing. This section explores how Fortgale’s specialized services are tailored to fortify the manufacturing industry against evolving cyber threats, ensuring the resilience and security of industrial processes.

Industrial Cyber Threat Landscape

In the dynamic landscape of industrial cybersecurity, Fortgale acts as a sentinel, constantly monitoring and addressing the evolving cyber threat landscape. By integrating advanced threat intelligence and continuous monitoring, Fortgale empowers manufacturing entities to identify and mitigate potential threats to critical industrial processes and systems

Operational Technology (OT) Security

At the core of Fortgale’s industrial cybersecurity strategy lies the protection of Operational Technology (OT). Fortgale employs robust defense mechanisms, including secure communication protocols, anomaly detection, and access controls, safeguarding against cyber threats that could disrupt the integrity and efficiency of industrial processes

Supply Chain Resilience

Understanding the interconnected nature of industrial supply chains, Fortgale’s cybersecurity solutions address vulnerabilities at every stage. From supplier networks to production lines, Fortgale implements end-to-end security measures, safeguarding against potential cyber threats that could disrupt the smooth flow of goods and materials.

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Case Studies of Fortgale’s Successful Incident Management

Fortgale has handled a variety of complex Cyber Threats in the Heavy Industry. Three notable cases that demonstrate our expertise and capabilities involve the Raspberry Robin malware, sophisticated phishing campaign targeting C-level executives and.

Handling the Raspberry Robin Malware Incident

Raspberry Robin, first noticed in September 2021, is a worm that initially spread through USB drives, later evolving into a more complex malware with links to other malware families and human-operated ransomware activities​​​​.

Thwarting Sophisticated Phishing Attacks

In another instance, Fortgale effectively countered a sophisticated phishing attack known as EvilProxy, which targeted high-value executives, including vice presidents and C-level personnel, in hundreds of organizations worldwide​​​​.

Nebula Broker Threat in the Heavy Industry

Fortgale has effectively managed the threat posed by an Italian threat actor known as Nebula Broker, which has been active since the end of 2020, particularly impacting sectors like Transport and Aeronautics​​.