Malware TrickBot – Giugno 2021

Il malware TrickBot Catena di Compromissione Indicatori di Compromissione TrickBot Md5: fefcd3be7442dab1e25ed12903406a40 Sha1: ec6d52468af5b590a1a2a9d041b894d9a144c99c Sha256: 930c7ac2d2e3dcd05a616c9bcd078c6c153e78c3506cef585b61442b1ab3b9ef IP Server C2

Agent Tesla del 2021-05-20

Agent Tesla Agent Tesla is spyware that collects information about the actions of its victims by recording keystrokes and user interactions. It is falsely marketed as a legitimate software on the dedicated website where this malware is sold. The spyware is created using .Net software framework. It is aimed at Leggi tutto…